Harry, an illustrated biography of Walter Henry Gough-Cooper 1907-1975


Published by Wild Almond Press, Cape Town, 2016
Limited edition of 150
Pages: 480
Photographs, drawings and maps: 391
ISBN: 978-0-620-71044-2

Readers’ comments on Harry:

Amazing! Wondered what was in such a heavy parcel! Lovely surprise. No wonder you’ve been so busy…. it’s a giant! Sat down immediately about 2.30 and have only just made a cup of tea at 5 o’clock.
Bobby Boardman

The story of your father’s rise in the business world is quite inspirational and you have shown us many wonderful photographs to help to tell the story. It really is something you should be very proud of. Your research into our Georgian and Victorian ancestors has been really interesting too and has thrown up a lot of facts about which we were unaware and many that encourage us to look even deeper too.
Michael Gough Cooper

I received your book on Friday. Wow. It is incredible. I read till midnight last night, just couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much for creating this comprehensive and beautiful record of our ancestry, it really is an outstanding and epic achievement.
Rebecca Gough-Cooper

Your father was a remarkable man and achieved so much through hard work. The future Gough Cooper generations have much to thank you for; they will obviously know his name but you have shown them the man. Congratulations.
Gill Hartle

Yesterday afternoon I spent nearly three hours completely mesmerised by your great book… I offer my sincere congratulations on such a meticulous, careful, scholarly, extensive and intriguing story, which is set amongst a wealth of images and illustrations.
John Nieuwenhuysen

I am absolutely bowled over by your ‘Harry’! Today for the first time I was able to sit down and leaf through it, and was amazed!! It really is a wonderful record, for which I am deeply grateful… I have the book sitting permanently on the end of my dining table now, ready to show all my visitors. What a family! What a story! I do hope you feel that all your hard work and expertise is appreciated. It is a triumph, quite unlike any other biography or family history I have seen.
Elizabeth Roberts

The book is beautifully presented and a wonderful record of the life of an exceptional man. Harry was my father’s hero and I can just imagine how delighted he would have been to read your book and look at the photographs which would have brought back so many happy memories. Your love and warmth of feeling for your father is evident on every page.
Howard Williams


Origins, song of Nooitgedacht – a remote valley in the Karoo

Published by Wild Almond Press, Cape Town, 2011

The Collectors’ Limted Edition

This comprises 25 copies numbered 1 to 25, case bound with linen, presented in a Solander box with an original Polymer Photogravure hand-printed at Warren Editions, Cape Town, signed and numbered by the author.
Dimensions Solander Box: 270 x 323 mm, Spine: 24mm
Page size: 240mm x 302mm Pages: 128 Photographs 91 in colour
ISBN: 978-0-9814417-3-3

Subscribers’ Edition
100 copies signed and numbered 26 to 125 by the author, case bound with linen in a slipcase
ISBN: 978-0-9814417-4-0

Standard Edition
1,000 copies case bound with Wibalin and dustjacket
ISBN: 978-0-9814417-5-7

Readers’ comments on Origins:

A book to treasure as an artefact, as well as to celebrate for its photographic art. The conceit of the book, as it were, is startling to encounter: the valley itself containing in its surfaces a narrative of the history of the earth.
Robert Macfarlaneauthor of Mountains of the Mind and The Wild Places

This is a book I will treasure as a vivid and beautiful realisation of the Nooitgedacht valley. Jennifer succeeds in capturing the many remarkable features of the region, origins, history, flora, fauna, rock and water. This book is of special interest to me having grown up in the Karoo.

Jennifer Gough-Cooper demonstrates conclusively the complete wrongness of the description one commonly comes across of the Karoo as a desert or semi-desert region. I think the book is a supreme example of the imaginative and artistic use of photography.
Colin TurpinFellow of Clare College Cambridge


Apropos Rodin

with an essay by Geoff Dyer “The Awakening of Stones”
Published by Thames & Hudson, London, Paris and New York, 2006
French edition: L’éveil de la pierre Dutch edition: Atrium, 2008
Pages:128 Photographs: 73 in colour





The Nature of Place

with an introduction by Guido Magnaguano and afterwords by Markus Ritter and John Schmid
Published by Stiftung Sculpture at Schoenthal, 2004
Photographs: 24 in black and white




with Ian Hamilton Finlay
Published by Stiftung Sculpture at Schoenthal, 2001
Photographs: 12 in black and white




The Domain of Markus Raetz as seen by Jennifer Gough-Cooper, 1999

A brochure in colour, item inserted in the box catalogue, Markus Raetz, published by Staempfli, Berne 2001, for the exhibition held at the CentrePaquArt, Bienne, Switzerland the same year.





with descriptions by the early visitors: Charles J. F. Bunbury, William J. Burchell and the Rev. C.I. Latrobe
Published by Wild Almond Press, Cape Town 1999
Photographs: 20 in black and white




Concerning Isle Eva

Poem illustrated with 4 black and white photographs
Published in the Dossier 29, Collège de ‘Pataphysique, 1996