Jennifer Gough-Cooper Biographical Notes

Formative years were spent at Farningham in Kent, England; Jennifer was educated at boarding schools in Sussex and Kent.

Visited South Africa: the beginning of the family’s close associations with the country. After their arrival by ship in Cape Town, the family lived in Forest Town, Johannesburg, while Jennifer’s father, a house builder, formed a company.

Studied portrait photography with Dorothy Wilding and Walter Bird, London.

Attended the Samuel Palmer School of Fine Art, Shoreham, Kent.

Commenced studies for the Diploma of Art & Design at Camberwell School of Art, graduating from Hornsey College of Art, London, 1967.

Joined the team at the Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh.

Curated Strategy: Get Arts with the Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf: the Demarco Gallery’s contribution to the Edinburgh Festival, an exhibition which included the active participation of Joseph Beuys, Robert Filliou, Palermo, Daniel Spoerri, Andre Thomkins, and other artists living in Dusseldorf at that date.

As a member of Harald Szeeman’s team, helped install Documenta 5 in Kassel, Germany, then moved to Paris.

With Jacques Caumont helped plan and make short films for French TV with Christian Boltanski, Jean Le Gac and Gilbert & George; invited with Caumont to curate the Yves Klein exhibition for the Tate Gallery, London

Invited by Pontus Hulten, Director of the Musée National d’Art et de Culture, Paris, to research and prepare with Jacques Caumont an introduction to the Marcel Duchamp retrospective, inaugural exhibition of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, which opened in January 1977.

Moved to Hautot-le-Vatois, in the Seine-Maritime, France.

Co-author of Chronologie, one of 4 volumes of the Marcel Duchamp catalogue, CNAC Georges Pompidou, Paris.
Co-founded with Jacques Caumont the Académie de Muséologie Evocatoire, Yvetot, an association that published an erratic magazine through the 1980s. Meanwhile, continued biographical research on Marcel Duchamp in Europe and the USA.

Invited by Pontus Hulten to complete the Ephéméridés for the Duchamp exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi, Venice 1993: published in Marcel Duchamp: Bompiani, Milan; Thames & Hudson, London; and MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.

Commenced photographing sculpture at the Rodin Museum, Hôtel Biron, Paris

Completed a tour of southern hemisphere via Chile, Easter Island, Fiji, Western Samoa, New Zealand, and Australia.
Settled in Cape Town for two years, and started photographing the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, in black and white.
Founded Wild Almond Press with Janene Barnard.

Exhibited Kirstenbosch photographs at the Old Mutual Centre, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town.
Returned to live in the UK, at the family home in Farningham, Kent: Wildacres.
Visited Markus Raetz in Bern and photographed his studio.

Began building a photographic record of neighbouring Farningham Woods, including its flora.
Visited Schoenthal, Langenbrück, Switzerland, at the time of the exhibition Paths, and photographed the sculpture standing in the landscape.

Commenced research in the family archive to write a biography of her father, Harry Gough-Cooper.
Started making regular visits to the Karoo gathering material for Origins.

Accepted a residency at Bundanon, New South Wales.

Exhibition, The Nature of Place, was held at Schoenthal, Switzerland.

Publication of Apropos Rodin by Thames & Hudson on the occasion of the Rodin exhibition at the Royal Academy. In the RA, in annexe to Rodin, eight photographs were exhibited.

Selected images from Apropos Rodin were exhibited at the Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica.

Publication of Origins by Wild Almond Press.

Moved to Cape Town following the death of her mother, Vivien Gough-Cooper, and the sale of Wildacres.

Publication of Harry, an illustrated biography of WH Gough-Cooper, 1907-1975, by Wild Almond Press.